Pure, powerful and tasty

Lapland, the purest corner on Earth, is quite a unique place. The nightless summer nights and arctic growing conditions load our herbs with powerful substances which cannot be artificially copied.  Let the arctic power help you through the busy day.

Help to everyday life

Kids to daycare or school, hurry to work, meetings one after another, no time for lunch. Stress turns to flu and weekend escape gets cancelled. Sounds familiar?

Väinönputken viljely

We act local

Our mission is to keep Lapland alive. We are proud of our network of local farmers and wild herb pickers who provide us with the raw material for our products.

Arctic Warriors

Arctic Warriors products are 100 % natural. An easy and tasty way to boost your wellbeing – every day.

Puolustaja (Defence) keeps the flu away and boosts your immunity.

Taistelija (Endurance) balances the body both under physical and mental stress.

Energia gives you natural, stomach-friendly energy and relief to the sweet tooth.

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