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Arctic Warriors -tuotteiden arvostelut
Sari Spära

Sari Spåra, food blogger, Sweet Food O´Mine

All products work, but I wouldn’t have made it last year without SINNI Roseroot Elixir.

Marita Eriksson

Marita Eriksson, @myblissktchn

Wonderful Finnish superfoods which do you good! Beautiful packages are a plus. One of my favorites is spruce sprout powder. A great kick start to the day is to mix it with lemon and water and maybe a little bit of natural sweetener. Another favorite is nettle leaf which makes a great booster to a smoothie. Thumbs up for Arctic Warriors!

Jim Niemelä

Jim Niemelä, taxi driver

I tend to spend long days hunting elk with my dog and are often in need of quick energy. I tried the PUHTI Honey Shot and it works! It nice to know that what I put into mouth is natural. The shots are handy to throw to the pocket and quick to eat. I will forget the processed energy gels and start using this pure alternative from Lapland!

Sami Saarenpää

Sami Saarenpää, salesman,

I know no other energy gel which is like a credit card which you fold and eat. During a hard training session, taking an Arctic Warriors honey shot is like throwing water on hot stones. Recommended!

Henna Palosaari

Henna Palosaari, Tampere

Great products both in taste and functionality. Flu took off after taking them. It awesome to have this kind of pure natural products on the market instead of ones loaded with whatever not so healthy ingredients.

Antti Ollila, Tampere

Arctic Warriors honey shot tastes really natural and good! It works better than the traditional energy gels and does not upset the stomach. I tested the product in 24-hour competition. I worked and I will include it I my training and races from now on. I can warmly recommend this product!

Mikko Nevalainen

Mikko Nevalainen, in search of active life, Rovaniemi

I always keep a honey shot in my back bag when I’m out training!

Teija Holopainen

Teija Holopainen, Kieringin Lomakylä Oy

The shot with angelica helped me to quit smoking.

Samba Trail Running Club, Espoo

100 % natural is a really good thing! We recommend the Arctic Warriors honey shot while training, at work or on a nature excursion.

Helena Kuusisto

Helena Kuusisto, karateka, Pori

100 % natural is a really good thing! We recommend the Arctic Warriors honey shot while training, at work or on a nature excursion.

Johanna Alppi

Johanna Alppi, Rovaniemi

The honey shot has a fresh taste compared to the ugly energy gels. Easy to use, maybe a bit small. The best thing of all is that it doesn’t upset my stomach. Thanks for a great product full of nature’s natural energy!

Elina Karhu

Elisa Karhu, long distance runner, Helsinki

Your products are just great! As I don’t like to eat anything loaded with additives, I liked your shots natural taste which doesn’t leave any artificial aftertaste. I’ve used the shots during long runs. They give a nice extra boost which help me to keep up till the end. Recommended to anyone!

Anna Riikka Lavia

Anna Riikka-Lavia, Rovaniemi

Honey shot is a tasty and natural product. My blood sugar goes easily down if I don’t pay attention to it while training. When I notice my energy levels are going down, this kind of product tastes devine. It first took me a while to figure out how to open the package. One I figured it, it was very practical. Well done!

Satu Kujanpää

Satu Kujanpää, mother and special class teacher interested in holistic health, Lapua

The smell of Kerkkä spruce sprout powder in my morning smoothie is like a little imaginary walk in forest. Strong, sunny and fresh! Simply lovely!

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Tiina Laasonen, Helsinki

Our kids love your products! My firstgrader has a note on the hallway door reminding what to take to school: bottle of water and Arctic Warriors! My 5-year old daughter eats the honey shot as she likes honey.

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